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Thunder Shirt Calm Anxiety For Cats

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UrbanLeashes Presents: ThunderShirt® Kitty Calm! 😺🌈

Purr-fect Perks:

  • Whisker Whisperer: Natural pressure provides a soft hug, whisking away your cat's worries.
  • Vet's Seal of Purr-oval: A top pick for stress-less vet trips, tranquil travels, and overall zen vibes.
  • Cuddle Care: Turn vet visits into smooth sailings and travels into soothing sojourns.
  • Whisk & Wear: Immediate solace, no prep needed! Just wrap for a serene snap.
  • Cozy Couture: Crafted from supple and enduring polyester that ensures kitty comfort.
  • Tailored Tones & Toggles: Available in sizes S, M, L with an elegant shade of moonlit gray.

Pamper Your Kit Kat:

  • Meow & Zen: Over 80% of our feline friends have found their chill with this comforting cloak.
  • Infinite Purrs: Journey towards a peaceful, anxiety-free bond with your feline friend.

One Thunder Shirt Calm Anxiety For Cats


Size Chart (LBS)

Size Weight Range (lbs)
Small Cats Up to 9
Medium Cats 9 - 13
Large Cats 13 and up



Feeling cat-tastic? 🐱✨ Show off your serene kitty using #UrbanLeashesCalmCats on our social media. Maybe your feline will be the next purrfect star, snuggle up a surprise giveaway, or be the meow of our feed! 🎁 Embrace the tranquility – endless snuggles and purrs await! 🎉🎈

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