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Dive Paw Mermaid Shark Dog Life Vest

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DivePaw Mermaid Shark Dog Life Vest: UrbanLeashes' Aquatic Elegance or Cannon Ball 🌊

Dip Into Safe & Stylish Waters:

  • Dive into fun with a design that champions both safety and flair.
  • Quality meets style with our durable high-grade polyester.

Design that Makes Waves:

  • Stand out with our distinctive mermaid shark silhouette.
  • Seamlessly blend charm with the essential safety for your swimming star.

Alluring Features:

  • Easy spot with the eye-catching mermaid shark contour.
  • Dive deeper into fun with our enduring premium polyester.
  • Let your dog glide effortlessly with our design tailored for natural aquatic movements.
  • Sizes? We've got S, M, and L to ensure all breeds ride the waves in style.
  • Dip and play without a worry – we’ve married style and safety flawlessly.

With DivePaw Mermaid Shark Dog Life Vest, make every splash count. Dive into fun-filled moments and let your pet steal the spotlight in every wave.

One Dive Paw Mermaid Or Shark Dog Life Vest


Size Guide (INCHES)

Size Length (in) Chest (in) Collar (in) Suitable Weight (lbs)
S 11.81 18.11-20.47 11.02-14.17 13.23-19.84
M 13.78 20.47-24.41 14.96-18.11 22.05-44.09
L 15.75 27.17-31.50 18.90-21.26 48.50-77.16


Size Guide (CM)

Size Length (cm) Chest (cm) Collar (cm) Suitable Weight (KG)
S 30 46-52 28-36 6-9
M 35 52-62 38-46 10-20
L 40 69-80 48-54 22-35



Feeling pawsome? 🐾 Capture those splash-tastic moments, share with #UrbanLeashesWaves, and make a tidal wave on our social feeds. Your water baby might just dive into our surprise giveaway stash, a discount, or be featured on our social!🎁 Here's to boundless aquatic adventures ahead! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

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