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Dog Life Jacket

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Pet Dog Swimwear Splash Extravaganza! ๐Ÿ•๐ŸŒŠย - Dive, Dash, and Dazzle with Safety, Comfort, and Swank!

Key Features:

  • High-Five Craftsmanship: Rugged charm on the outside, soft cuddles on the inside.
  • Hug the Waves: Adjustable doodads and thingamajigs for the snug-as-a-bug fit.
  • Bob and Float: Foam magic to make sure your furball's head stays above the splash.
  • Easy Peasy Lift: Whip out of water in a jiffy with our super-duper handle.
  • From Tiny Tails to Big Woofs: Sizes that range from itsy-bitsy to super-sized (S to 5XL).
  • Be the Belle/Buff of the Beach: Dive into sizzling colors and snazzy patterns.

One Dog Life Jacket


Size Guide (CM)

Size Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Back Length (cm)
S 34-40 40-50 24
M 43-48 50-60 28
L 54-63 60-76 36
3XL 49 63-68 40
4XL 53 68-73 45
5XL 57 73-78 50
6XL 61 78-82 55
7XL 64 82-87 62


Size Guide (INCHES)

Size Neck (in) Chest (in) Back Length (in)
S 13.39-15.75 15.75-19.69 9.45
M 16.93-18.90 19.69-23.62 11.02
L 21.26-24.80 23.62-29.92 14.17
3XL 19.29 24.80-26.77 15.75
4XL 20.87 26.77-28.74 17.72
5XL 22.44 28.74-30.71 19.69
6XL 24.02 30.71-32.28 21.65
7XL 25.20 32.28-34.25 24.41



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