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Denta Chew Canine Play Ball

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DentaChew Canine Play Ball: Because a Ball Should Be More Than Just Bouncy According to Urban Leashes! 🐾🎾

The Playdate Upgrade:

  • Bid farewell to ordinary play with a ball that’s a toothy champion.
  • Rubber magic: crafted for heavy-duty chomping yet tooth-kind.
  • Pop of colors: fetch it in vibrant Green or zesty Orange!

Fun-tastic Features:

  • More than play: It’s a game, it’s a toothbrush, it’s... both!
  • Biting? More like brushing! Welcome to the next-gen chew toy.
  • Perfectly paw-sized at 85mm (that's 3.35 inches for the humans).

One Denta Chew Canine Play Ball


Size Guide (CM)

Description Measurement (cm)
Ball Size 8.5


Size Guide (IN)

Description Measurement (in)
Ball Size 3.35



Playtime just got a dental upgrade! Unleash the chew-tastic fun and show off those pearly whites! Share your pup’s play date with#UrbanLeashesFunBites you might snag a surprise giveaway, a discount, or be featured on our social!. Dive in, because every chomp is a reason to smile! 😁🎉🎈

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