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Pet Car Seat Cover And Cushion

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Introducing Car Pet Cushions: Ride in Style & Comfort with Your Furry Co-Pilot!Β πŸΎπŸš—


  • One Size Fits All:Β Whether you're rocking a compact or an SUV, our cushions with adjustable straps guarantee a purrfect fit.
  • Quick Setup:Β Light as a feather, setting up these cushions is a breeze. Get ready, set, and road trip!
  • Tidy & Tight:Β No more bulky pet gear. Our cushions fold neatly into a compact size, making storage a piece of cake.


  • Size:Β Spacious 137 * 147 * 40cm to let your pet sprawl or snuggle.
  • Weight:Β A lightweight companion at 1.3KG.

One Pet Car Seat Cover And Cushion


Size Chart (CM)

Product Dimensions Width (cm) Length (cm)
Product Size 137 147


Size Chart (IN)

Product Dimensions Width (in) Length (in)
Product Size 53.94 57.87



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