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Apple Airtag Compatible Cat Collar

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Apple AirTag Cat Collar Craze! 🍎🐱 - Safety, Sass, & Smart-Tracking!

Key Features:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Kitty Star: With reflective & waterproof prowess, they're the shining star in any weather!
  • Never Lose Whisker Watch: In-built AirTag holder keeps tabs on their every tail-twitch and tree-climb.
  • Armor Up: Protective cover acts as the knight in shining armor for your AirTag.
  • Color Parade: From cool blues to fiery reds, pick a shade that screams 'That's SO Mr. Whiskers'!
  • Nylon Nirvana: Supreme nylon craftsmanship for those nine lives’ worth of comfort.
  • Escape Artist-Approved: Safety breakaway collar means they're out of any tricky bind in a jiffy.
  • Casual Cool Cat: The ideal look for backyard prowls and alleyway adventures.

One Apple Air Tag Cat Collar

One Size Fits All

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