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Cat Catches The Green Ball

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Cat Catches The Green Ball: A Stylish Feline Fiesta! 🌵


  • Eyes on the Prize: This isn't just any toy. With its quirky cactus shape, our ball promises purrs, play, and paws aplenty!
  • Beyond the Fun: Not just about the looks. Our Cat Catching Cactus ball is also about promoting paw health. From nail care to feline cardio and even a pinch of stress relief, we’ve got you covered!


  • Name: Cat Catching Cactus (because regular balls are just so... regular!)
  • Category: Biting Toys (it's a cat's world after all!)
  • Material: Premium Sisal Rope (because your kitty deserves the best)
  • Size: 20 * 20 * 22cm (perfect for those playful pounces)
  • Weight: 830g (light enough to toss, tough enough to endure)

One Cat Catches The Green Ball


Size Guide (CM)

Size Width (cm) Height (cm) Base (cm)
One Size 20 20 22


Size Guide (IN)

Size Width (in) Height (in) Base (in)
One Size 7.87 7.87 8.66



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